Junior Domestic

Welcome to the Cockburn Basketball Association’s junior domestic competition – home to more than 235 junior teams!

The home base for our competitions is Wally Hagan Stadium in Hamilton Hill, however, we also operate competitions out of Melville LeisureFit Centre and Kennedy Baptist College.

Our junior teams play on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons/evenings and Saturday.

Fixtures and results for any of our competitions can be found HERE

For more information please email: competitions@cougarfamily.com

Registering into your team

Independent teams – Contact your team manager for your squad link or email competitions@cougarfamily.com

Club teams – Contact your club for your registration link.

Fill- in players

To fill-in you must be the correct age for the team, you must not already play for another team in the same age group/club. Please refer to our competition rules for more information.

Fill in players can be entered on live scoring at the time of game.

Unregistered players – you can fill in up to 4 times after that you will need to purchase a 365 day BWA membership $41.75. Email competitions@cougarfamily.com

2023 Winter Season Information and Important Dates

Our Winter competitions run across term 2, and term 3.

  • Nominations for our Junior Domestic Summer season are open.
    Existing independent teams will receive an invitation to register.
    Club members refer to your club registration link.
  • Our Junior Winter season starts Monday 24th April.
  • Last week of games for term 2 is Friday 30th June.
  • First week of games for term 3 is Saturday 15th July.
  • Semi-Finals begin Monday 4th September to Saturday 9th September 2023.
  • Grand Finals begin Monday 11th to Saturday 16th September 2023.

For more detailed information, please click on the competition rules below.


Age Group Breakdown

Junior competition age groups range from 6 to 18 years. To find out which age group you belong to please see the table below. Please note that you cannot turn the age of the age group prior to 30.06.2023

 Age Group  Oldest DOB  Youngest DOB
 U8  1/7/2015  30/6/2018
 U10  1/7/2013  30/6/2015
 U12  1/7/2011  30/6/2013
 U14  1/7/2009  30/6/2011
 U16 Boys  1/7/2007  30/6/2009
 U18 Boys  1/7/2005  30/6/2007
 17 Girls and Under  1/7/2005  30/6/2009


Junior Competition Venue/Days and Divisions


 Age Group  Venue  Day  Division
 U8 Girls  Wally Hagan Stadium  Saturday  Vacancies
 U10 Girls  Wally Hagan Stadium  Monday  All divisions – vacancies
 U12 Girls  Wally Hagan Stadium  Tuesday  All divisions – vacancies
 U14 Girls  Wally Hagan Stadium  Tuesday  All divisions – vacancies
 17 Girls and under  Wally Hagan Stadium  Tuesday  All divisions – vacancies


 Age Group  Venue  Day  Division
 U8 Boys  Wally Hagan Stadium  Saturday  Beginners – vacancies
 U10 Boys  Wally Hagan Stadium

Wally Hagan Stadium

 Melville LeisureFit




 All divisions – vacancies


 Beginners – Full

 U12 Boys  Wally Hagan Stadium

 Melville Leisure Fit

 Kennedy Baptist College




 All divisions – FULL

 All divisions – FULL

 Lower divisions 

 U14 Boys  Wally Hagan Stadium

 Melville LeisureFit



 All divisions – FULL

All divisions – FULL

 U16 Boys  Wally Hagan Stadium  Wednesday  All divisions – FULL
 U18 Boys  Wally Hagan Stadium  Wednesday  All divisions – FULL



 The independent team fee structure for our Junior competition is as below and includes:

  • Team nomination fee (paid at point of registration).
  •  Season game fees – a lump sum paid at the start of the season that covers your weekly game fee.
  • Basketball Western Australia (BWA) Registration Fee is an annual individual subscription fee that covers player across all BWA affiliated associations.
   Nomination Fee  Season Fee  BWA Registration Fee
 Existing Independent   Teams  $125.00  $1325.00 (per team)  $41.75 per player





Each Junior Domestic Club has their own nomination and season fee structure.

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