Board of Directors and Staff

Cockburn Basketball Association Directors


President – expires 2021 Travis French
Vice-President – expires 2022 Mark Dimmock
Director of Finance – expires 2022 Christian Bauer
Director (elected) – expires 2023 Nicole Roberts
Director (elected) – expires 2021 Mel Van Lit
Director (elected) – expires 2023 Paul Alford
Director (elected) – expires 2022 Ralton Benn
Director (appointed) – expires 2021 Scott Harris


CBA Staff


Chief Executive Officer Tyrone Thwaites
Competition and Program Manager Simon Petersen
Competition and Program Co-ordinator Kathleen Madden
FinanceĀ  Michelle Bradford
Referee Co-ordinator Luke Doe
Facilities & Admin Assistant Nicholas Johnston
Operations and Events Assistant Leonie Webb
Bar Manager Adrian Sgro
Talent Development Co-ordinator Mark Clayden
Talent Development Co-ordinator Andy Stewart