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Cougar Domestic Development

This program is aimed at players aged 7-13, who are currently playing in our domestic competition or registered to our waitlist and are wanting to further develop their skills for domestic enjoyment, or have state champs and WABL aspirations.

This program has a strong focus on individual skill development.

For more information please email –


Cougar Domestic Development Important Information

All Participants MUST wear a Cougar Reversible Singlet. These can be purchased online via our shop

This program runs for 8 weeks and sessions are held on a Saturday and Wednesday for 45 minutes at Wally Hagan Stadium, Hamilton Hill.



The purpose of Cougar Domestic Development is to provide the development of basketball skills, fundamentals and gameplay understanding of our junior domestic players at ALL skill levels. Meaning it is a program that meets both participation and performance needs.

We want all players to enjoy their basketball experience, playing at their level of choice; whether it be social domestic basketball, competitive domestic basketball, or elite basketball (WABL). We know that at any level, the enjoyment of the game can be enhanced via players skills, fundamentals, gameplay understanding and the confidence that comes from developing these.

We believe that basketball can be enjoyed at all levels, and we value all basketball from participation to performance the same. However, we also realise there are different needs for basketball development across these levels.

We run sessions for Under 8’s, 10’s, 12’s and 14’s. With blue or gold sessions to suit different skill levels and aspirations (please see below what is a blue/gold session).

Please Note:

  • Participants must be registered in a current domestic team with CBA (with the exclusion of our pre-domestic session where participants must be registered to the waitlist and actively trying to join a team)


Which session to register into?

What is a BLUE session ?

  • These sessions are designed to refine the skills of our domestic players who are seeking competitive advantage and development.
  • It is ideal for domestic players competing in a top division and current or aspiring WABL/State Champs players (but is not exclusive to).
  • These sessions will be led by WABL coaches.
  • We recommend this session for division 1 or 2 domestic players (in graded competitions) and division 2,3 & 4 WABL players.


What is a GOLD session ?

  • These sessions are designed to build the confidence of our domestic players who have a love for the game of basketball – through strengthening their skills, fundamentals and gameplay understanding.
  • It is ideal for current domestic players wanting to perform well in domestic, improve their skills to enjoy their domestic basketball experience or do extra training/practice with their friends and team-mates.
  • We recommend this session for division 3, 4, 5 & 6 domestic players or beginners.


It is important to us that participation and performance is balanced.

You will be able to register into the session of your choice. We encourage parents to discern which session is the most realistic and appropriate for their child’s development and enjoyment.

*If we feel a participant would be better suited to a particular session (Blue/Gold) following the first two weeks of the program, we will identify this with you and your child to ensure you are in the session that is the most beneficial to their development.

(Blue & Gold sessions of the same age group will run at the same time/venue on adjacent courts).



This session will provide an opportunity for girls playing in our Under 12’s & 14’s competition to develop basketball skills, fundamentals and gameplay understanding alongside other girls.

It will be an environment for girls to meet girls who also love basketball, as well as be encouraged and challenged in their basketball development.



The current capacity of domestic teams and limited court space has seen the growth of our waitlist, for Under 12’s & 14’s participants. Although we may not have the space for new teams in this age-group at times, we still want to provide an opportunity for 10–13-year-olds to enjoy the game of basketball in our community.

Therefore, we have introduced a pre-domestic session that is exclusive to those eligible and registered to our Under 12’s & Under 14’s placement list, who are actively waiting to join a domestic team.

We are trialing a new pre-domestic session for under 8’s & 10’s this term. Please Note: Under 8’s participants must have participated in our Aussie Hoops program prior to joining this session.

 Venue  Day  Start Date  Time  Cost  Register Here
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Saturday (10’s) – Blue  20th July 2024  8:00am-8:45am  $125.00 (for 8 weeks)  CLICK HERE
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Saturday (U12 & 14’s) – Gold  20th July 2024  9:00am-9:45am  $125.00 (for 8 weeks) CLICK HERE
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Saturday (U12 & 14’s) – Blue  20th July 2024  9:00am-9:45am  $125.00 (for 8 weeks)  CLICK HERE
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Wednesday (U10 & 12’s) – GIRLS ONLY  24th July 2024  3:45pm-4:30pm  $125.00 (for 8 weeks) CLICK HERE
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Wednesday (10’s) – Blue & Gold  24th July 2024  3:45pm-4:30pm  $125.00 (for 8 weeks)  CLICK HERE
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Wednesday (U8’s) – Gold  24th July 2024  3:45pm-4:30pm  $125.00 (for 8 weeks) CLICK HERE
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Wednesday (U12 & U14’s) – Pre- Domestic (Waitlist)  24th July 2024  4:30pm-5:15pm  $125.00 (for 8 weeks)  CLICK HERE
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Wednesday (U8 & 10’s) – Pre- Domestic (Waitlist)  24th July 2024  3:45pm-4:30pm  $125.00 (for 8 weeks) CLICK HERE
 Wally Hagan Stadium   Monday (U10 & 12’s) – Blue  22nd July 2024  4:45-5:30pm  $125.00 (for 8 weeks) CLICK HERE


Please Note:

  • We do not offer make up sessions.
  • We do not offer proportional registrations or refunds.

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