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Aussie Hoops

Welcome to Cockburn Basketball Aussie Hoops –

3 time Basketball WA Participation Program of the Year, largest Aussie Hoops program in Western Australia, largest in Australia.

The home base for our Aussie Hoops program is Wally Hagan Stadium, Hamilton Hill, we also operate out of Melville Leisure Fit, Cockburn Arc and various primary schools.

Our programs run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. With ages ranging from 5 to 10 years of age, split into two different groups.

For more information please email:



Ford Aussie Hoops is a 6 week ONLY program, Each session is 45 minutes.

See 2024 registrations below

6&7 year old children can choose either session depending on which group they would feel more comfortable attending.

Term 3 registrations are OPENING SOON!

 Venue  Day  Age Group  Time Start Date Register Here
Wally Hagan Stadium Monday  5 – 7 year old’s 4:00pm – 4:45pm 29/07/24  OPENING SOON
Wally Hagan Stadium Monday  6 – 9 year old’s 4:45pm – 5:30pm 29/07/24  OPENING SOON
Melville LeisureFit (Group 1) Monday  5 – 7 year old’s 4:00pm – 4:45pm 29/07/24 OPENING SOON
Melville LeisureFit (Group 2) Monday  

5 – 9 year old’s

* participants placed in groups based on year of birth

4:50pm – 5:35pm 29/07/24 OPENING SOON
Cockburn Arc Tuesday  

5 – 10 year old’s

* participants placed in groups based on year of birth

4:50pm – 5:350pm 30/07/24  OPENING SOON
Melville LeisureFit (Group 1) Thursday  5 – 7 year old’s 4:00pm – 4:45pm 01/08/24 OPENING SOON
Melville LeisureFit (Group 2) Thursday  

5 – 9 year old’s

* participants placed in groups based on year of birth

4:50pm – 5:35pm 01/08/24  OPENING SOON
Wally Hagan Stadium Saturday  5 – 8 year old’s 8:00am – 8:45am 27/07/24  OPENING SOON
Wally Hagan Stadium Saturday  5 – 10 year old’s (GIRLS ONLY) 8.00am – 8:45am 27/07/24  OPENING SOON
Cockburn Arc Sunday  

5 – 9 year old’s

* participants placed in groups based on year of birth

8:30am – 9:15am 28/07/24  OPENING SOON
Beaconsfield Thursday  5 – 10 year old’s 8:00am-8:45am Semester 2 (05/09/24)  OPENING SOON
East Fremantle Primary Friday  5 – 10 year old’s 7:45am-8:30am Semester 1 (15/03/24)  OPENING SOON
North Fremantle Primary Thursday  5- 10 year old’s 7:55am – 8:40am Semester 2 (06/09/24)  OPENING SOON


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Aussie Hoops Fees and Prices

New Participation Registrations include:

  • Aussie Hoops Ball
  • Personalised Aussie Hoops Singlet
  • Aussie Hoops Backpack

Please note: The participant packs come directly from Basketball Australia to your home address and NOT from Cockburn Basketball Association.

Returning Participants have the option of purchasing additional items.

Please see the table below with our registration prices for new and returning participants.

Cockburn Association Fee:

 Venues  New Participation   Returning Participation
 Wally Hagan Stadium  $80.00  $80.00
 Melville LeisureFit  $80.00  $80.00
 Cockburn Arc  $80.00  $80.00

Additional Fees:

  • Basketball WA player fee ($10.18)
  • Basketball Australia player fee ($4.48)
  • Full Participation Pack – $53.95 (Personalised Singlet, Basketball, Sticker Sheet and Personalised Backpack)
  • Basic Participation Pack – $41.74 – (Personalised Singlet, Basketball and Sticker Sheet)

Please Note:

  • The fees established by Basketball Australia (including the participation pack) and Basketball WA go directly to them and are beyond our control.
  • We do not offer make up sessions.
  • We do not offer proportional registrations or refunds.

Aussie Hoops Refunds

  • For a refund, please fill out the Aussie Hoops Refund Form and email a scanned copy with your bank details attached to prior to the commencement.
  • You will be refunded the participation fee, excluding any merchandise purchased and the online transaction fee charged by our provider (PlayHQ or GameDay) only if your notification in writing is received 10 days or more before the Program commences.
  • If you cancel within 10 days of the Program commencing, you will not be eligible to receive a refund. Following cancellation, you have no entitlement to program participation.

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