Senior Domestic

Welcome to the Cockburn Basketball Association’s junior domestic competition – home to more than 50 senior teams!

The home base for our competitions is Wally Hagan Stadium in Hamilton Hill, however, we also operate some competitions out of Melville LeisureFit centre.

Our senior Men’s and Women’s Competition is held on Monday, Tuesday and nights at Wally Hagan stadium.

We also have a Monday night Men’s competition at Melville LeisureFit centre.

Fixtures and results for any of our competitions can be found HERE.

For more information please email:

Register for our Senior competition 2023 / 24 is now open

Registrations for the Summer season is now open, if you would like to enter a team into our competition at the Wally Hagan Stadium or LeisureFit Melville please contact

Senior competition at Wally Hagan Stadium

Nominations for our 2023 / 24 Senior Domestic Summer season at Wally Hagan Stadium is now open. To Register a team email

Senior competition at Melville LeisureFit

Nominations for our 2023 / 24 Senior Domestic Summer season at Melville LeisureFit  is now open.  To Register a team email

Registering into your team

Contact your team manager for your squad link or email

Registering to our placement list 

If you are an INDIVIDUAL looking to join a basketball team, please register to our waiting list HERE 

Please note the following:

  • There is no cost to register to our placement list.
  • When teams currently playing in our competition contact us looking for additional players, we then pass on information from our placement list.
  • If we have enough players register to the placement list, we can help facilitate a new team if there is space available in the competition.

Registering fill- in players

If you are filling- in for a team, you will still need to register before you play. Fill in players must enter their name and details to the team and NOT play under another player’s name.

To fill-in, you must not already play for another team in the same day/night/division.

Unregistered players can fill in up to 2 times, after that you will need to purchase a 356 BWA annual registration fee $41.75. Email

Senior Competition Venue/Days and Divisions 

 Venue  Day  Divisions
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Monday  Men’s A,B,C   & Women’s
 Melville Leisure Fit  Monday  Men’s C1, C2, D
 Wally Hagan Stadium  Tuesday  Vets – over 35



The team fee structure for our Senior competition is as below and includes:

  • Team nomination fee – *please note that we have had a fee increase*
  • A weekly game fee that is split between the players of the team (Through TeamPay)
  • Basketball Western Australia (BWA) Registration Fee is an annual subscription that covers player insurance.
 Venue  Nomination Fee  Game Fee  BWA Annual Registration Fee
 Wally Hagan Stadium  $250.00  $70.00 (per team, per game)  $41.75 per player
 Melville LeisureFit centre  $250.00  $70.00 (per team, per game)  $41.75 per player


2023 / 24 Summer Season Information and Important Dates

Our Summer competitions run across term 4, and term 1.

  • Nominations for our Senior Domestic Summer season are open from Monday 31st July.
    Existing independent teams will receive an invitation to register.
  • Rounds start Monday 2nd October.
  • Christmas Holiday break Sunday 17th December 2023 to Sunday 7th January 2024.
  • First week of games for term 1 is Monday 8th January 2024.
  • Semi-Finals begin Monday 18th March & Tuesday 19th March 2024.
  • Grand Finals begin Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th March 2024.

For more detailed information, please click on the competition rules below.


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