WABL Trials & Training

Trial Registrations

Registrations for our 2022 WABL program are now CLOSED – 2022 State Championships registrations will open in September.

There are normally two pathways to trial with the Cockburn Cougars, and this will be in effect for State Championships 2022:

  1. If you have played for the Cougars in the past 12 months OR play in Cockburn’s domestic competition, you can trial by registering normally.
  2. If you have NOT played for the Cougars in the past 12 months and DO NOT play in Cockburn’s domestic competition, you can apply to become a registered athlete, subject to approval.

The Cockburn Cougars WABL trial process has now concluded for 2022:

Trials: In 2023, this will happen over a two week period in January, with final teams announced in early February.














WABL Trial & Training Dates – Updated 8 February 2022

Each age group has a specific schedule for their trial and training times – these are outlined below.

For new CBA athletes, or domestic athletes who have not done WABL before, you will need to be approved by Cockburn’s talent development co-ordinators prior to being invited to trial.

Regular season training days and times can be found in the table below.

Age Group Year of Birth Training & Trial Information
Under 12 boys/girls 2011 & younger CLICK HERE
Under 14 boys/girls 2009 & 2010 CLICK HERE
Under 16 boys/girls 2007 & 2008 CLICK HERE
Under 18 boys/girls 2005 & 2006 CLICK HERE
Under 20 men 2003 & 2004 CLICK HERE

Selection Policy & Guidelines

The Cockburn Basketball Association implements the following policies and guidelines for the WABL / State Championships program.