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WABL Coaches

Our WABL Coaches are the single most important part of our entire program. Their commitment to the development of young people and basketballers is the key to the on-going improvement of our program.

Each of our coaches and WABL leadership team are outlined below, with all general enquiries to go to in the first instance.

WABL Leadership Team
Tyrone Thwaites – Chief Executive Officer –
Mark Clayden – Talent Development Co-ordinator –
Andy Stewart – Talent Development Co-ordinator –
Lachlan Wilkins – Basketball Operations Manager –
Michelle Berry – Basketball Operations Coordinator –


2024 WABL Team Head Coach
U12 Girls Team 1 Nicole Moyle
U12 Girls Team 2 Jessica Van Schie
U12 Girls Team 3 Mackenzie Stewart
U12 Girls Team 4 Josh Minshull
U12 Boys Team 1 Noah Stewart
U12 Boys Team 2 Renae Feast
U12 Boys Team 3 Lucas Lang
U12 Boys Team 4 Eli Grant
U14 Girls Team 1 Andy Stewart
U14 Girls Team 2 Nicole Moyle
U14 Girls Team 3 Travis Moore
U14 Girls Team 4 Lachlan Riley
U14 Boys Team 1 Jessica Van Schie
U14 Boys Team 2 Vanessa Cahill
U14 Boys Team 3 James Rees
U14 Boys Team 4 Doug Cull
U16 Girls Team 1 Russell Hann
U16 Girls Team 2 Travis Moore
U 16 Girls Team 3 Regan Turnour-McCarty
U16 Girls Team 4 Danielle Theseira
U16 Boys Team 1 Andy Stewart
U16 Boys Team 2 Adrian Sgro
U16 Boys Team 3 Dave Hartnett
U16 Boys Team 4 Evan Plumridge
U18 Girls Team 1 Rob Wise
U18 Girls Team 2 Nathan Benn
U18 Boys Team 1 Darren Smith
U18 Boys Team 2 Harrison French
U18 Boys Team 3 Christian Bauer
U18 Boys Team 4 Alan Miller
U21 Women Peta Small
U20 Men Team 1 Quintien Calder
U20 Men Team 2 Davids Medenis

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