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Hear from the CEO – November Report

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Dear Cougar Family,

Thank you.

2020 has been a challenge in so many ways, to so many people, with the Cougar Family not immune to the impact.

When the Covid-19 tide turned on our community, the generosity, support and empathy from each of you was overwhelming. Personally, I could not be prouder of our Cougar Family through a time of adversity, it is what makes our home even more special.

As we move forward and continue to grow, lift our expectations and grow our numbers – there will always be noise around the edges. However, our community is as strong as it has ever been, believes in the direction our Association is headed, and is proud to be a part of it.

There have been some massive steps forward this year all over our association:

  1. The recruitment of Simon Petersen (Basketball Development and Admin. Manager) and Kathleen Madden (Competitions Co-Ordinator). Simon’s experience as our competitions continue to grow beyond the capability of Wally Hagan Stadium is vital, with Kat already working hard to lead the operations of our ever-growing junior and senior competitions.
  2. A cashless senior competition. All senior competitions are now completely cash-less using the Team Pay app – this is a big advancement for our association in a time that prefers cashless options.
  3. New merchandise website. All our merchandise is now housed online at, making it easier than ever to order all your Cougar gear using
  4. The biggest term of Aussie Hoops we have ever had – taking us over 300 for the first time ever in term four of 2020. This is a credit to Simon Petersen and our team of coaches as we build the future of junior competition and wider community through this national program.
  5. An investment of coaches into schools all over our community. In term four alone, Tia Morgan, Adrian Sgro, Zac Watkinson and many others have reached at least nine schools – which will only grow into 2021 to help bring in new members of the family.
  6. An update of our current constitution and by-laws. To stay in step with progressive governance, the Association reviewed our constitution to update our rules to ensure strong governance well into the future.
  7. The largest WABL program we have ever had – with more than 22 teams representing our Association, and the most ever girls teams with 8.
  8. The Announcement of NBL1 – the biggest branding overhaul of the State Basketball League in 30 years. With all games live-streamed in 2021, we are set for a big year ahead.
  9. An investment in Talent Development Co-ordinators for the future of the Cougars’ NBL1 program.

We are also excited about the steps our Association has taken forward as a business. The CBA is now in arguably the most financially sustainable position it has ever been in. Both cashflow and budget forecasts show a bright future for our community, allowing us to invest back into the Cougar Family more than we ever have.

In addition, the Cockburn Basketball Association will be undertaking a brand re-fresh for 2021, with a new look and logo to come in early January. These moves are being made to make sure our Association moves in-line with our community, and as we move forward, so does the brand.

We look forward to you being a part of that future in 2021.

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