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Mental Health Round 11 – Match Preview

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Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars v Lakeside Lightning NBL1

Women’s NBL1

Friday June, 25 v Lakeside Lightning

Tip-off: 6.30pm

Record: 6-3

Last Five match-ups:

Cockburn Cougars 48 vs Lakeside Lightning 76 (WCW R3, 2020)

Cockburn Cougars 58 vs Lakeside Lightning 80 (R14, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 64 vs Lakeside Lightning 83 (R6, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 85 vs Lakeside Lightning 87 (R14, 2018)

Cockburn Cougars 89 vs Lakeside Lightning 100 (R11, 2018)

Previous Game: Cockburn Cougars 48 (Jodee Sontay 10, Tia Morgan 7, Sally Graham 7) vs Lakeside Lightning 76 (Ashleigh Isenbarger 17, Mia Jacobs 15, Kyrah Daniels 14) (WCW R3, 2020)

Key Match-up: Jessie Edwards v Ashleigh Isenbarger

Summary: The Dentrisy Plus Cougars Women will be hoping to rebound from last week’s performance with a strong showing against Lakeside Lightning. The game will showcase two dominant big’s in Jessie Edwards and Ashleigh Isenbarger, both averaging over 18 points for their respective teams. The Cougars will look to get a more even spread from their team as they aim to get a significant away win over the lightning.

 Men’s NBL1

Friday June, 25 v Lakeside Lightning

Tip-off: 8.30pm

Record: 2-8

Last Five match-ups:

Cockburn Cougars 85 vs Lakeside Lightning 81 (WCW R3, 2020)

Cockburn Cougars 52 vs Lakeside Lightning 99 (R14, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 102 vs Lakeside Lightning 88 (R6, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 85 vs Lakeside Lightning 122 (R14, 2018)

Cockburn Cougars 81 vs Lakeside Lightning 85 (R11, 2018)

Previous Game: WCW R3, 2020 – Cockburn Cougars 85 (Gavin Field 22, Jaarod Holmes 20, Luke Travers 20) vs Lakeside Lightning 81 (Corey Shervill 22, Julius Bowie 21, Rowan Mackenzie 13)

Key Match-up: Nic Pozoglou vs Julius Bowie

Saturday, June 26 v Geraldton Buccaneers

Tip-off: 6pm

Last five match-ups:

Cockburn Cougars 63 v Geraldton Buccaneers 77 (R6, WCC 2020)

Cockburn Cougars 65 v Geraldton Buccaneers 99(R12, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 68 v Geraldton Buccaneers 107(R4, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 104 v Geraldton Buccaneers 109 (R17, 2018)

Cockburn Cougars 89 v Geraldton Buccaneers 107 (R9, 2018)

Previous Match-up: WCW R3, 2020 – Cockburn Cougars 63 (Jaarod Holmes 16, Zachary Watkinson 11, Seva Chan 9) v Geraldton Buccaneers 77 (Aaron Ralph 16, Carter Cook 15, Xavier Garnett-Shaw 11)

Key match-up: Nic Pozoglou v Mathiang Muo

Summary: The Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars Men have an important weekend playing away against Lakeside Lightning, before coming back home to face the Geraldton Buccaneers. Jake Harris will play his 100th match against the Lakeside Lightning, which will also see young guns Ben Henshall and Riley Eves will suit up for their first games. The Cougars will be seeking to put up tough contest against League-leaders Lakeside and then get back on the winners list against the similarly placed Buccaneers. The team will be hoping to get Gavin Field (17.4ppg) going, as well as Nic Pozoglou (16ppg, 11rpg) who has been outstanding in the last few games. The young players, particularly Zachary Watkinson, have stepped up recently and will need to do so again for the Cougars to put up a strong contest in both games. They’ll need to be locked in defensively against scoring machines Julius Bowie (24.8ppg) for Lakeside and Mathiang Muo (24ppg) for the Buccaneers.

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