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NBL1 West Finals Preview – Week 1

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Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars (6th) vs Rockingham Flames (7th)

Mike Barnett Spots Complex- Friday, August 20, 7pm

Cockburn Home and Away Record 9-9


Rockingham Home and Away Record 10-8

2021 games

R1: Cockburn Cougars 85 (Jessie Edwards 19, Haylee De Sousa 18, Molly Matthews 16) v Rockingham Flames 78 (Alexandra Ciabattoni 32, Tayah Burrows 22, Christina Boag 12)

R7: Rockingham Flames 71 (Christina Boag 25, Tayah Burrows 24, Jorja Smith 6) v

Cockburn Cougars 52 (Jessie Edwards 16, Taylah Simmons 9, Haylee de Sousa 8)

The Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars Women will have an enthralling elimination final against the Rockingham Flames after securing their finals spot for the first time since 2017. The Cougars and Flames won one game each during the season setting up an entertaining finals match between two quality teams. Jessie Edwards and Taylah Simmons have been super consistent throughout the year both finishing it the top ten of the MVP count, while the Flames have guns like Tayah Burrows and Alex Ciabattoni. Both teams have outstanding depth and will be hoping they can stand up when it matters most, the likes of Molly Matthews and Christina Boag. The Cougars defense generates their best offense thus they will be locked in to get stops in a hostile arena, with Ruby Benn’s tenacious defense playing a big role in that.

Key Match-up: Ruby Benn v Tayah Burrows


Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars (8th) vs Mandurah Magic (5th)

Mike Barnett Spots Complex- Friday, August 20, 7pm

Cockburn Cougars Home and Away Record 11-11


Mandurah Magic Home and Away Record 14-8

2021 games

R2: Mandurah Magic 88 (Jerami Grace 33, Xavier Garnett-Shaw 15, Brian Calwell 15) vs Cockburn Cougars 81 (Jaarod Holmes 23, Nic Pozoglou 15, Gavin Field 15)

R9: Cockburn Cougars 78 (Nic Pozoglou 19, Zach Watkinson 17, Gavin Field 11) vs Mandurah Magic 91 (Jerami Grace 21, Ben Smith 17, Fred Williams 12)

The Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars Men are back in the finals for the finals for the first time in four years when the won the championship. They face off away against the Mandurah Magic, but they will be feeling confident after a strong finish to the season.

Recently crowned league MVP and DPOY Nic Pozolgou has been terrific, especially in the second half of the season and will be looking assertive along with the scoring machine Gavin Field. The young Cougars bigs, Dan Rogers & Nathan Pond have stepped up the last month and they will have their work cut out for them against Brian Calwell and Xavier Garnett Shaw. Seva Chan and Jaarod Holmes have been superb when the team is clicking and they will look to replicate that in this upcoming game.

Key Match-up: Nic Pozolgou v Jerami Grace

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