Huge Plus as Cougars Partner with Dentistry Plus

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The Cockburn Basketball Association is excited to announce Dentistry Plus as the 2021 and 2022 Cockburn Cougars NBL1 naming rights partners.

From today, the NBL1 teams will be referred to collectively as the Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars, with the WA-based company signing on for two years as a major partner of the association.

Cockburn Basketball Chief Executive Tyrone Thwaites said the partnership had local ties to the association, with both brands having similar goals and aspirations in their respective fields.

“Lucas Lang [Dentistry Plus Managing Director] and his family are Cockburn Basketball born and bred,” Thwaites said.

“Not only does Dentistry Plus aim to serve it’s community with the same level of care we do, Lucas and his family have been witness to the huge transformation of our Association in the past few years, which has aligned with the growth of Dentistry Plus.

“Two growing brands with a commitment to community and excellence just made sense – we can’t wait to see what we can do together.”

The Cougars NBL1 programs will sport new training kits, playing uniforms, and polo shirts all with the Dentistry Plus brand. In addition, the Wally Hagan Stadium will be covered with the Association’s new logo, co-branded with Dentistry Plus.

With the biggest transformation of the WA State Basketball League in 30 years with the move to NBL1, Dentistry Plus Managing Director Lucas Lang said the timing was right to partner with Perth’s leading family basketball association.

“We now get to compete not only at State Level, but National Level, to be the best teams in the country,” Lang said.

“I’m very excited for my brand to partner and launch with the awesome new Cougar Family brand.

“It’s a partnership that makes sense.”

Two families with a passion for basketball are now bringing their communities together, with Lang calling Cockburn home since he was a child.

“Cockburn is a huge part of who I am today,” Lang said.

“I truly believe all of my experiences here at the club – learning hard work, learning how to win and lose gracefully and learning how teams work together – has made me the man I am today.

“Partnering with the Cougars is my way of giving back and saying thank you to the people that looked after to me as a kid.

“Cockburn is my family and now I get to watch my kids start their basketball here – it’s very special.


Major Partner - Dentistry Plus