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Round 15 – Match Preview

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Cockburn Cougars vs Warwick Senators Friday 23 July

Women NBL1

Tip-off: 6.30pm

Record: 7-5

Last five-games:

Cockburn Cougars 83vs Warwick Senator 90 (WCC R5 2020)

Cockburn Cougars 75 vs Warwick Senators 86 (R16, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 74 vs Warwick Senators 83 (R10, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 87 vs Warwick Senators 84 (R16, 2018)

Cockburn Cougars 62 vs Warwick Senators 66 (R6, 2018)

Previous game:

WCC R5 2020 – Cockburn Cougars 83 (Tia Morgan 17, Haylee De Sousa 15, Tahlia Fejo 12)

vs Warwick Senators 90 (Stacey Barr 23, Tayla Hepburn 20, Chloe Forster 17)

Key athletes: Stacey Barr and Taylah Simmons

Men NBL1

Tip-off: 8.30pm

Record: 6-9

 Last five-games:

Cockburn Cougars 74 vs Warwick Senators 117 (WCC R5 2020)

Cockburn Cougars 97 vs Warwick Senators 94 (R16, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 44 vs Warwick Senators 97 (R10, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 90 vs Warwick Senators 99 (R16, 2018)

Cockburn Cougars 69 vs Warwick Senators 79 (R6, 2018)

Previous game:

WCC R5 2020 – Cockburn Cougars 74 (Gavin Field 15, Jacob Polgase 10, Kye Chamberlain 9) vs Warwick Senators 117 (Justin King 23, Alier Riak 20, Caleb Davis 17)

 Key match-up: Gavin Field v Justin King

Cockburn Cougars vs Willeton Tigers Saturday 24 July

Women NBL1

 Tip-off: 5pm

 Last five-games:

Cockburn Cougars 61vs Willeton Tigers 73 (R6 2021)

Cockburn Cougars 68 vs Willeton Tigers 75 (R9, 2020)

Cockburn Cougars 66 vs Willeton Tigers 63 (R13, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 73 vs Willeton Tigers 67 (R1, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 54 vs Willeton Tigers 83 (R17, 2018)


Previous game:

R6 2021- Cockburn Cougars 61 (Taylah Simmons 23, Jessie Edwards 15, Molly Matthews 6)

vs Willeton Tigers 73 (Alex Sharp 20, Samantha Lubcke 18, Desiree Kelley 14)

Key match-up: Jessie Edwards v Samantha Lubcke

Men NBL1

 Tip-off: 7pm

 Last five-games:

Cockburn Cougars 88 vs Willeton Tigers 96 (R6 2021)

Cockburn Cougars 74 vs Willeton Tigers 81 (R9, 2020)

Cockburn Cougars 70 vs Willeton Tigers 92(R13, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 81 vs Willeton Tigers 90 (R1, 2019)

Cockburn Cougars 99 vs Willeton Tigers 95 (R17, 2018)

Previous game:

R6 2021- Cockburn Cougars 88 (Gavin Field 38, Nic Pozoglou 15, Seva Chan 9) vs Willeton Tigers 96 (Damien Scott 26, Michael Vigor 23, Connor Mincherton 21)

Key match-up: Nic Pozoglou v Damien Scott

Women’s Weekend Overview: The Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars Women have a tough weekend against the Warwick Senators and Willeton Tigers. Taylah Simmons (16ppg) has an important part to play against Stacey Barr (24ppg) who has is an attacking weapon for the Senators. Jessie Edwards (16ppg) returned and played well against the Slammers last weekend, and she will look to get the better of Samantha Lubcke (25ppg). Alex Sharp (20ppg) has also been playing terrific and Molly Matthews and Taylah Simmons will also be pivotal. The Cougars will be hoping for an even spread of scorers, as against tough opposition as well as playing solid team defense in two testing games.

 Men’s Weekend Overview: The Dentistry Plus Cockburn Cougars Men have hit some form at the right time, ahead of a critical weekend against Warwick and Willeton. The Cougars will look for their experienced players in Nic Pozoglou (15ppg), Gavin field (18ppg), Jaarod Holmes and Seva Chan to step up as they play the well-rounded Senators with Justin King (19ppg), Caleb Davis (17ppg) and Cody Ellis (17ppg). Nic Pozoglou and Gavin Field will look to hit their straps as they face scoring machine Damien Scott (19ppg). Michael Vigor got the better of the Cougars big men in their last match up and they will be aiming to get good showings from Jarrod Holmes, Nathan Pond and Dan Rogers.

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