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Thwaites extended to lead Cougars women through end of 2024

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Sustained success is the name of the mission for the Cockburn Cougars with the reappointment of NBL1 West Women’s head coach Tyrone Thwaites up until the end of the 2024 season.

The extension of Thwaites’ contract beyond this year for at least the next two seasons is part of the commitment from the Cougar Family to build a team right through the grades that can shoot to become NBL1 West players when ready, and then in turn be striving to be part of success.

Thwaites is about to begin his third season in charge of the Cougars women’s team on the back of what was a miraculous quarter-final win last year in the NBL1 West competition over the Rockingham Flames ahead of a loss to the Perth Redbacks in the semi finals.

The building blocks were clear to see of what the future was going to look like for the Cougars and now the extension of Thwaites’ contract is a sign of the commitment from the organisation to provide clear pathway for all young players in the program.

Cockburn Basketball Association president Travis French is making no secret that bringing success that can be sustained to the women’s program is the ultimate goal.

“The women’s program over many years now at Cockburn and this is our 50th year anniversary, it’s been good from time to time and made finals, but never won a championship,” French said.

“It’s also been good and then dropped away so what we’re really excited about is that we think we can grow and develop a program that has that sort of sustainable success model.

“We want to be constantly players to come through and keep a squad in shape that is capable of being top four and pushing for championships.

“Hopefully we come away with some championship wins, that’s our aim in state league sport. We want to be successful and for the players to have the opportunity to be successful along with the coaches.”

As for why Thwaites is the right man to lead the Cougars forward, French has highlighted his commitment and passion for developing the young players to get them ready to be part of NBL1 West success as one of his great strengths.

“Ty’s been extended to continue coaching until the end of 2024 which is extremely exciting for the club because it gives us a well credentialed, competent and growing coach who is going to be there to deliver the consistency to the program which is really important,” French said.

“We love Ty’s level of passion and commitment to coaching not only the team, but the younger players coming through and want to eventually play for that NBL1 team.

Thwaites is excited about what the future holds for the Cougars women and is grateful to the club board for installing the faith in him to continue to lead them forward.

“I really love what our club has done from top to bottom in the past few years for our girls and women,” Thwaites said.

“There’s momentum building at all levels, and to continue playing a part in the fruition of a lot of hard work by people all over the club is a responsibility I take seriously.

“Our under-16 and under-18 girls coming through are hardworking and committed to a culture of doing the work, and it’s exciting to see what the results of that are in the next couple of years.

“We’ve invested pretty hard in our kids at NBL1 level this year, which is the first time we’ve been able to in a while, so there’s plenty of exciting and challenging times ahead.”

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